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Web Encryption Gets Stronger and More Widespread: 2014 in Review EFF

The CIA Review

Greenwald sums up the common themes of these three books: Snowden’s acts were justified because he chose to seek “reform of the surveillance state,” (248) and journalists have the absolute right to be the final arbiters of what to publish. Greenwald’s often bitter ad hominem…

Citizenfour review @ The Daily Beast

Citizenfour is a tale that will undoubtedly appeal to those who have already made up their mind about the rightness of Snowden’s actions—and of the nefariousness of the NSA. Those seeking truth should look elsewhere. The Daily Beast

Citizenfour review @ The Register

Once in the room, Snowden uses his “magic mantle of power”, a red blanket, to hide what he’s typing, to the bemused smirk of Greenwald…… By the end of the film, Greenwald won’t even say half the things he wants to say in the same room…

Citizenfour review @ The Guardian

Fundamentally, privacy is being abolished – not eroded, not diminished, not encroached upon, but abolished. And being constructed in its place is a colossal digital new Stasi, driven by a creepy intoxication with what is now technically possible, combined with politicians’ age-old infatuation with bullying, snooping and…