Things I’m Reading – Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked

Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked
By Alex Hern

At Defcon in Las Vegas, hackers gather to show off the latest vulnerabilities. That’s why last weekend was just full of bad news

Every year in Las Vegas, thousands of security researchers, penetration testers, and infosec experts congregate at the hacker conference Defcon to share security tips, show off newly-discovered vulnerabilities, and just generally deliver really bad news to the rest of the world.

Because if you’re a researcher who’s managed to hack something that you really shouldn’t be able to hack, Defcon is the place to show it off. And this year – the 23rd in the conference’s history – was no different. Hackers showed off ways to penetrate drones, skateboards, and even brains. Sort of. But the important thing is that they haven’t yet worked out how to hack that unsettling sense of impending doom you’re feeling right now. Nope, that’s all natural.

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August 11, 2015 at 07:00AM
via Technology | The Guardian