The Guardian view on press freedom: the need for constant vigilance | Editorial

The Guardian view on press freedom: the need for constant vigilance | Editorial
By Editorial

From Turkey to El Salvador, Asia to the Americas, the best journalists fight to hold a mirror to the world. They deserve our gratitude, and need our support

The news about the news is grim. In Turkey, notorious for cracking down on the media long before July’s attempted coup, authorities have closed more than 130 outlets and issued warrants for 89 reporters and other media workers since the coup a month ago; 17 journalists have been charged with membership of a terror group. The journalist Can Dündar, serving six years in prison for reporting allegations of arms sales to Syrian rebel forces, is a recipient of one of this year’s International Press Freedom awards from the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, together with journalists from Egypt, El Salvador and India.

In China, where the Communist party has always determined which news is fit to print, authorities have ordered internet portals to abandon original reporting on political or social topics because of its “extremely vile effect”. There are growing concerns, too, about the editorial independence of papers in Hong Kong, which has historically enjoyed far more freedom than the mainland. Its chief executive has just appointed his dentist, a man who described editorial independence as “mythologised”, to chair the public broadcaster’s board of advisers.

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August 14, 2016 at 05:54PM
via US news | The Guardian

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